Drogo's Prize

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Part 1: Drogo's City

Drogo, Khal of the greatest khalasar the world had ever seen, rode triumphantly through the streets of King's Landing. He was the first Khal to cross the salt water and conquer Westeros. The bells in his braid clinked together as he rode, testament to his undefeated legacy.

As Drogo rode through the city, he saw many of his warriors enjoying the spoils of war. He knew Daenerys wouldn't approve. but it had been part of their agreement. Word had been spread throughout the city before the attack; either you leave the city and escape unharmed, or you are at the mercy of the Dothraki. Many stayed, not fearing an enemy without seige equipment and feeling safer inside their walls. However, they did not know of Daenerys' dragons, and the city was taken quickly. The false king and his supporters were killed, their false church defiled. Those who had fled the city had gone unmolested, as Drogo had promised. Many had joined the khalasar, one in particular, a whore named Shae, becoming his wife's handmaiden. However, those who had stayed were fair game.

Drogo passed a warrior raping some red headed whore. Her full breasts jiggled as she was bounced on his cock, her groans of pain mixed with moans of pleasure. However, Drogo did not intend on fucking used whores.

Drogo passed two warriors showing a septa her place. While usually Dothraki did not share, these two were twins, and thus enjoyed each other's plunder. The poor septa, a big breasted woman in her late 30s, was being spitroasted. One brother was brutally fucking her mouth, slapping her and choking her, while the other violated her ass. Her religious garb was in tatters, and her huge udders swung widely in the open air. But Drogo wasn't here to destroy some western religion.

Drogo passed a warrior enjoying a baker's daughters. The baker lay dead in the corner, and his three daughters procreated near his corpse. The oldest was made to service the Dothraki's steed, crying as she sucked and worshiped the beast's cock. The next oldest was being forced to ride the Dothraki's huge cock, raping herself as she bounced up and down. The youngest daughter, practically a child, was made to lick her new master's cock and suck his balls as her sister was fucked in front of her. Drogo, though, did not want to use a family for his pleasure, though his horse had earned a reward. Still, he rode on.

Dismounting his red stallion, the Kkhal entered the red keep. In the throne room, Drogo saw the ladies of the court be ravaged by his hungry horde. Women were being taken in all positions and in all holes. One in particular caught his attention. One of his bloodriders, Qotho, was ramming his cock in and out of the former Queen, Cercei Lannister. She wore not a stitch of clothing, and had been gagged with cloth from one of the other ladies' dresses. Qotho showed no mercy, fucking the bitch doggystyle and spanking her ass raw. As tempting as she was, she was not what Drogo desired, though he did spit on her face before climbing the stairs to his room. Inside, the prize Drogo truly desired, above all else, was waiting for him.

What is Drogo's true desire?

He truly desires Daenerys Targaryen

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